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Brass wire brush

rass wire is softer than metal wire or stainless metal wire, and provides a brushing motion which will not scratch tougher metals. Brass wire will not produce sparks when struck versus other metallic surfaces, and is also ideal for hazardous environments. Brass wire can be an excellent conductor of electric energy, and is also ideal for static decrease products when incorporated in to a brass wire strip brush. Brass is best suited for working environments as much as 300°F continuous temperature. Brass wire can be fairly corrosion resistant.
Popular products for Brass wire brushes: customized producer of brass wire copper center crimped wire wheel brushes for use in non-sparking environments, cleaning, deburring, finishing & plant maintenance.
Cleaning plastic material extrusion parts, which includes molds, dies, and extruder barrels
Cleaning equipment elements exactly where sparks may pose a chance of fire or explosion
Cleaning metallic elements without the need of removing any with the bottom material.
Satin finishing aluminum extrusions or sheet
Static decrease brushes for commercial environments.